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Dear Friends!

My family moved to Alaska about a year ago and it so happened that I found a new, very wonderful, group of friends in Anchorage, AK who either love to crochet or would love to learn to crochet. Our crochet groups evolved to a whole different level. When we meet we dedicate each Crochet Group to making something specific. We learn new  techniques from each other and other sources (internet, books, magazines) and show off our new creations to each other. We welcome crochet lovers and crochet-learners to our groups.

I was surprised how approachable people are here and how easy it is to make friends with strangers in Anchorage, Alaska.  A lady I met at the post office asked me about the hat on my child. We talked, I invited her to the crochet group, and we have been friends since then. Another person was crocheting in the park where her and my kids ran on the playground. We talked and I found out she was an avid crocheter. She started coming to our crochet groups and helped us with some great ideas and projects. Our Crochet Group has people of various age and we are proud to say that we are not just females. One male- member of our crochet group faithfully attends every meeting along with his wonderful wife. They both crochet, create, and actively participate in all we do. I am very grateful for all these wonderful people and their friendship. We crochet, we laugh, we get excited about projects, we figure out difficult patterns, we create things people will love, and we just have a great time together.

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