Yellow and Orange Hat

 Yellow and Orange Hat


I used Nancy Smith’s pattern Reversible Strands for Men and Women from NLS Stitchings  for the base of the hat. I changed color every row. At the bottom of the hat I used a row of sc and the last row of reversed sc.

Also, since I live in Alaska and all these hats are too cold, I used double strand of Simply Soft instead of single strand (it is easy to have double strand if you use one strand from inside of a skein and another from the outside of the same skein).

Love the hat and the pattern! Nancy Smith really did a great job explaining how to make cables swirl. This is probably one of the cutest projects I have ever made.

If you are interested in making this flower, it is the same pattern as on my Flowers and Flowerclips page (the pink on the purple headband), but I made 8 petals instead of 6 and laid them out differently. Then I just sewed on a huge button in the middle.

Here it is with a blanket. It is not a perfect match, but the bright yellow and orange on both looks like it could work together quite well.



If you would like to know how to make this blanket go to the baby blanket edges  page on my blog, where you can find detailed instructions.



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  • OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO CUTE – of all the times when I can’t be here….. You sure do good work, Arina. :-)

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