Granny Squares: Small and Large


Granny Squares


Every crocheter begins their journey with making simple stitches. This classic Granny Square is a great beginner project. It has basic stitches and teaches you to understand how to make a square from the center of your work. When I was little, I remember this being one of my very first projects. I made 10 squares from  thick nylon thread using different colors in each square. Then I made 2 slippers using 5 squares per slipper. Slippers are very popular in Ukraine and Russia where I lived at the time. My family really liked their new slippers, so made a pair for each member of my family, plus a couple extra pairs for quests.

I also  have used this pattern for afghans. I made one for my kids using 111 Small Granny Squares and connected them with a fuzzy fun-fur thread. I Think it turned out great.


Last year, our Crochet Group made an afghan for our friend Debbie, who lost her house in fire. Large number of squares for that afghan were Large Granny Squares. We also used Weave Squares, and Cluster Squares, along with some very simple ones using single or double crochet back and forth.


This classic design is appropriate for so many creations. Don’t be afraid to mix some colors, whether it is a mix of squares of different solid colors within one project or mix of colors within a single square.





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