Easter: Dishcloth or Loofah?

Easter: Dishcloth or Loofa?


This may sound bizarre, but this round loofa-looking thing can be a great Easter Basket candidate. You can give this to your mom, dad, an aunt, an uncle, a sibling, a cousin, a child, a spouse, or anyone else for that matter. This gift comes with a hint. Whether it is a “give me a hand in the kitchen” kind of thing, or an extension of a wonderful kitchen gadget upgrade, people will not regret having one. This round hyperbolic dishcloth is so easy to handle and creates a sense of holding something more solid and powerful in your hand rather than a flimsy stinky sponge. To freshen it up, you can easily wash it along with your kitchen towels. Make it to fit a particular hand and make a couple of them. It will go a long way.

I modified this original pattern because it calls for very thin cotton yarn and goes forever and ever.




These are the instructions to a great dishcloth by me:

Use big cones of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn sold at Walmart.


It is rather thick and it will not take long to make a nice ball. Additionally, this brand has so many color possibilities. One skein will make at least one dishcloth. Do not be afraid to add a second color to an outside row, it creates a beautiful effect and looks like coral.( I used Peaches and Cream for the majority of my dishcloth and added Sugar’n Cream cotton thread for the last row.)

Use a hook size anywhere from 4.00mm to 5.00mm, whatever you prefer.

Start with a 4-chain ring (4ch, slip stitch into the 1stch). You may use the magic loop instead of a 4-chain ring.

Make 11 single crochets into the ring.

After that begin working 2 single crochets into each of the 11 single crochets and continue on for 6 or 7 rows until the end of the project. At some point, you will lose the end of one row and the beginning of another. Just count your rows from the center of the circle. When you have about 6 or 7 rows, it should be a nice size and look like a ball due to constant increases.

Finish off. Hide ends. Enjoy washing dishes (or scrubbing someone’s back)!


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