Tie-Headband with a Flower

A couple Crochet Groups ago our faithful friend came with an idea for a project. When I asked her what she would like to make today, she said “its hard to explain, but you will see in a little bit.”

Within an hour and a half, she made a cute tie-headband she saw while visiting her family in a different state. This is what it looked like.


Isn’t this original and beautiful?

I need to tell you that this young lady almost never uses a pattern. She has an innate feeling of what stitch to make in order to make her work look the way she wants it. We all loved it, but did not have a pattern for it. So I decided to write out a pattern for a similar looking tie-headband with a flower.

The flower on my pattern is smaller. You can always experiment with the length of the ties and the size of your flower. This is just an idea of what you need to do to make it look similar to my friend’s pretty creation.



Free pattern pdf download here: TieHeadband_with_Flower






Any thread, thickness 4. (Picture: Simply Soft by Caron)

Hook size 5mm or H

Tapestry needle

Bead (optional)



Ch = chain

Sc = single crochet

Dc = double crochet

Trc = triple crochet

Ss = slip stitch


Step 1:

Smaller Flower:


Begin with 5 ch. Ss into 5th chain from hook to form a ring.

Row 1: Make all stitches inside the ring. [Dc, trc, trc, dc, sc] 5 times. Ss into the first dc of this row.

Finish off. Secure the thread.


Step 2:

Larger flower:


Begin with 5 ch. Ss into 5th chain from hook to form a ring.

Row 1: 3 ch. Make 10 dc into the ring. Ss into the 1st dc.

Row 2: [(2dc, 3trc, 2dc) into the next dc of previous row. Ss into the next dc.] 5 times.

Finish off leaving 10-12 inches of thread.


Step 3:

Assembly and Ties:

Using a tapestry needle or a smaller hook sew the smaller flower onto the larger flower. Secure and cut off remaining thread.


Make 15ch. Mark the 15th stitch with a stitch marker.

Make 25ch.

Make 4ss into the backside (the right side) of the flower connecting the string of chains to the flower. (As shown on the image)

Make 35ch.

Make 15 more chains.

Turn and make 15ss into the previous 15ch.

Make 35ch.

Make 4ss into the backside of the flower (again, the right side) connecting the string of chains to the flower. (As shown on the image)

Make 25 ch.

Make 15ss into the last marked 15ch.

Secure the thread with several knots. Fasten off.


Optional: Glue a bead or a rhinestone into the middle of the flower.

To wear: tie the thicker ends of the tie-headband on the back of your head.



About the Author: Arina Purcella

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  • Darling! Thanks for sharing! I so admire those who can just create from scratch. I love direction and am lost without a pattern, though I do sometimes adapt them a little bit.

  • Thanks for the share, head band would be great for a bald baby so I was thinking of trying this one for sure, I just bought some baby headbands from https://hairclippy.com/baby-hair-clips and they are cute so why not try something different like this one.

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