Hats Made with Love

Several months ago our Crochet Group decided to make hats and give them to women who have cancer in our local hospital. We haven’t met for the whole summer and I was worried that this project would die out without constant encouraging and reminding. Some of us have either been a victim of cancer or seen a friend, or a loved one go through it.  As a result of understanding a need for moral and emotional support we produced fourteen hats made with love and special care.

As usual, I enlisted my friend Kathy into finding worthy recipients. First five hats went to Oncology unit at Providence. Julia, a Registered Nurse of the unit told me they were waiting for these hats with excitement. When she saw the embellishments and the bright colors, she thanked our group and said that these hats will lift the patients’ spirits and also the nurses’. A passing by nurse Christina said: “We rarely get hats donations for men. If you ever make manly hats, even just one or two, we would be happy to get a couple of those.” I did not make any promises, but I think we can probably do something about that at some point.


After a long walk though the corridors of the hospital with Kathy, we found the Infusion Center. I remembered how my mother in law took her friend there several times a week for several months to help her go though chemotherapy treatments. It was a difficult time for both of them. As Kathy and I entered the beautifully decorated area of  Infusion Center, I saw a row of glass doors behind which several men and women were getting their treatments. The thought of cancer poison slowly dripping through the IVs creeped me out. Most men were bald, most women had heads covered. We were there to help them feel better. There was an almost empty basket with donated hats. Two receptionists Mel and Julie looked at the hats with gratitude. One of them pointed at the basket and explained that those hats are for anyone to grab. She said that our hats were too pretty to put there. They will let only patients have those. We took a picture with Mel and Julie and said our good byes.


We don’t know who will have our hats. No names or anything about them. Only the fact that those people need them. They won’t know anything about us. Only the fact that we care.


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