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Last night our Group got together and had a crochet blast. People worked on different projects such as blankets, hats, edging, and parts of the Thneed we are currently making. Donations of yarn helped us to decide on the exact colors of a Thneed. We received Red Heart yarn of orange, bright red, dark red, and a box of variegated green-yellow-orange colors!



We asked Katya to be our Public Relations representative. She visited the library and talked to a person in charge about a donation of a Thneed. The librarian was not quite sure what exactly the Thneed would look like and whether it would fit the current kids corner’s idea. But after learning that we would be willing to donate such a beauty to another kids institution, the she said they would be very much interested in a Thneed. After all, everybody needs a Thneed!

This is the design of a Thneed that we came up with. (You probably can’t see it well due to the right panel, but if you click on the image directly, you should be able to see it in a separate window)



Our Thneed is going to be about 7 x 7 feet in size and will have four sleeves branching out from its main body. We had our crocheters sign up to make parts of the Thneed and would love to have more volunteers. We have 12 more parts that volunteers can sign up for. They are:

3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 16, 15, 14, 6a, 6b, 26, 8, and 9

If you decide to pick a part, please, email me and I will get back to you with the specific instructions for the part you are interested in. Some parts are to be made in rounds (marked with R), while others can be rectangular pieces (marked with BS – both sides or OP – one piece). Each part is no longer than 1 foot. Width varies between 1/2 foot (6 inches) and 1 foot (12 inches). We would love any help we can get. You may use knitting, crocheting or looming technique to help us in out fun effort.  I have yarn, hooks, and  a loom for volunteers to use that I would be willing to take to people’s homes (if not too far). You don’t even have to live in Anchorage to be a part of this project –  just send your part to us by mail.

These are a couple shots I snapped last night:

SAM_4858_crop Christy is working on “reverse” crocheting  (unraveling) and Anna is working on baby blanket edging;



SAM_4859_crop Madra is working on a baby blanket, Linda and Irene are working on Brain Weave Beanie ;


SAM_4860  Katya is working on a knitted afghan and Galina is mastering the loom technique for our Thneed project;

SAM_4861   Brijon is working on a Brain Weave Beanie and Fiona was finishing her beautiful Ribbed Ripple Reversible Afghan;


SAM_4862 Tina is posing with a bag she crocheted some time ago.




This is what I made in preparation for our crochet group last night. Brain Weave Beanie and the You Tube tutorial  for this hat pattern.

Please, join us next time on December 5th, help us with our Thneed project, or just follow our progress. Next time we will color the parts of the Thneed that will be done. Don’t miss that!





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