Donation Complete! 20 Cowls!!!


We donated these beautiful things on December 15, 2014. They were very warmly accepted by the Adolescent Residential Treatment Program for young girls ages 12 to 18. This is the picture of our little delegation and the Director of the Program on that night. What a wonderful feeling it is to give!




Thank you so much for making them, Irene, Tracy, Anna, Katerina, Vicky, and Tina!

IMG_1_4953_1 IMG_2_4979_2 IMG_3_4956_1 IMG_4_4978_1 IMG_5_4961_1 IMG_6_4969_1 IMG_8_4959_1 IMG_9_4970_1 IMG_10_4984_1 IMG_11_4967_1 IMG_12_4992_1 IMG_13_5002_1 IMG_5013_1 IMG_5016_1 IMG_5020_1 IMG_5025_1 IMG_5026_1 IMG_5033_1 IMG_5041_1 IMG_7_4989_1


Patterns for these cowls can be found at the following links:


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  • Those braided scarves turned out beautifully! Glad my tutorial was able to help to keep some young girls warm this winter. What a nice thing to do, to donate!
    Thank you for the linkback as well. :) It helped me find your wonderful site.

    Rookie Crafter

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