Call for Bandages: Leper Colony in Vietnam

In October and November, our Group will try to make several bandages to be used in a leper colony in Vietnam. We have made a contact with the D.O.V.E. Fund Bandage Brigade located in Ohio. Every year they collect bandages from crocheters and knitters all over the US. Then, once a year, they take all bandages to Vietnam. The bandages cannot be reused, therefore they need new ones each year. This year, they would like all bandages to be sent to them by December 1st, which leaves us with only two months of work. Though this is not a creative project, it is a needed one.

This is the link for The instructions for making bandages on their cite. They can be crocheted, knitted by hand of by knitting machine (I wish I had one of those).

This is a pdf of the instructions: bb-handout-instructions-may-2016.

Please, join us  in our efforts.

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