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Our Interpretation of Dr.Seuss’ Anniversary


We have two news: one good and one bad!   The good news: WE MADE IT! After months and days of crochet, knit, and loom work by nearly 20 independent crocheters, we present THE THNEED! On February 6th, we had a lot of fun connecting our masterpiece together. And on February 21st we had fun trying it on.  As you can see it is completely versatile. There are no up or down sides and you […]


Cluster Square (from Afghan for Debbie)

Cluster Square Free pdf download: Cluster Square Level: Easy to Medium   Materials: Medium weight yarn (4), hook size between 4mm and 5.5 mm.   Legend: Ch = chain Sc = single crochet Dc = double crochet Sl st = slip stitch Cluster = 3dc connected together on the bottom and on the top. Work in following way: yarn over (yo), put hook into designated stitch and pull one yarn out (3 on hook), yo, pull […]


Granny Squares: Small and Large


  Granny Squares Every crocheter begins their journey with making simple stitches. This classic Granny Square is a great beginner project. It has basic stitches and teaches you to understand how to make a square from the center of your work. When I was little, I remember this being one of my very first projects. I made 10 squares from  thick nylon thread using different colors in each square. Then I made 2 slippers using […]


Weave Square (from Afghan for Debbie)

Weave Square Free pdf download: Weave Square Level: Medium to advanced.   Materials: medium weight yarn (4),hook size between 4 mm and 5.5 mm   Legend: ch = chain dc = double crochet ss = slip stitch 2-ch space = space formed by 2 chains in a row 3-ch space = space formed by 2 chains in a row   To begin: 16 ch. (see image 1)   Row 1: 1ch, turn, [(1sc, 2ch, 4dc) into […]


Afghan for Debbie


In November 2011 our Crochet Group started working on a gift for a member of our group. The reason for such a gift was a fire that burned Debbie’s place down to the ground. She lost her grandma in the fire and most of her belongings were gone. We decided to make an afghan for her to help her feel loved. Many of us started working on 6×6 granny squares. We used different patterns and […]

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