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Call for Bandages: Leper Colony in Vietnam


In October and November, our Group will try to make several bandages to be used in a leper colony in Vietnam. We have made a contact with the D.O.V.E. Fund Bandage Brigade located in Ohio. Every year they collect bandages from crocheters and knitters all over the US. Then, once a year, they take all bandages to Vietnam. The bandages cannot be reused, therefore they need new ones each year. This year, they would like all bandages to […]


Donation Project: Christmas 2015

gift image made-548295_1920

In November and December 2015 we will tackle a Christmas Donation to Anchorage Community Mental Health Services that works with people who are severely mentally ill such as schizophrenia, highly traumatized, or homeless, and so on. Our deadline is set for December 15th, so we can donate our items for Christmas. They need 12 hats for kids of different ages and 12 hats for adults. Over the years our group has collected some yarn; for this project I […]


Donation Complete! 20 Cowls!!!


  We donated these beautiful things on December 15, 2014. They were very warmly accepted by the Adolescent Residential Treatment Program for young girls ages 12 to 18. This is the picture of our little delegation and the Director of the Program on that night. What a wonderful feeling it is to give!     Thank you so much for making them, Irene, Tracy, Anna, Katerina, Vicky, and Tina!       Patterns for these […]


Cowls for Christmas Donation


We are going to make Christmas gifts for teenager girls in local drug recovery program (about 10-12 girls). These are only suggested ideas. Feel free to print out and bring to the crochet group to work on. If you have other ideas for cowls/scarfs that are easy and trendy, please bring them to share. I do have some donated yarn, but we will need to take a look at it together to see if it […]


Our Interpretation of Dr.Seuss’ Anniversary


We have two news: one good and one bad!   The good news: WE MADE IT! After months and days of crochet, knit, and loom work by nearly 20 independent crocheters, we present THE THNEED! On February 6th, we had a lot of fun connecting our masterpiece together. And on February 21st we had fun trying it on.  As you can see it is completely versatile. There are no up or down sides and you […]


Thneed, Thneed, Thneed…..Almost There


Last week we had a great Crochet Group. Since the Thneed* idea interested us in October 2013, we have made a huge progress making it.. In fact, we are almost done! I thank so you, many fellow crocheters, for active participation and making this project a reality! Out of 30 parts, we have made 29! In the drawing below you can see our progress over the last three months. White color indicates that this particular […]


Hats Made with Love


Several months ago our Crochet Group decided to make hats and give them to women who have cancer in our local hospital. We haven’t met for the whole summer and I was worried that this project would die out without constant encouraging and reminding. Some of us have either been a victim of cancer or seen a friend, or a loved one go through it.  As a result of understanding a need for moral and […]


A Headband for a Stranger

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    As you have probably seen, we began posting patterns for headbands (ear warmers) in September 2012. The original idea was to make them for our own families and then make some to donate. One day I was talking to my friend Kathy who works at the local hospital with people who suffer from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Some of those people are homeless, others have homes and families, but no ability to pay […]


Afghan for Debbie


In November 2011 our Crochet Group started working on a gift for a member of our group. The reason for such a gift was a fire that burned Debbie’s place down to the ground. She lost her grandma in the fire and most of her belongings were gone. We decided to make an afghan for her to help her feel loved. Many of us started working on 6×6 granny squares. We used different patterns and […]

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